In order to function properly, O.T.F knives require routine maintenance and care. Proper maintenance of your knife will ensure optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

Each internal component of the knife is machined to fit perfectly together in order to deliver a smooth action. If dirt, pocket lint, sand, or other debris accumulate within the knife, it can cause your knife to lose performance and/or malfunction. Without proper care, this can cause the internal components of your knife to break down over time.

Follow the recommended instructions below for cleaning and caring for your knife:

01. Blow compressed or canned air into the opening of the knife to remove any debris. If the blade is used to cut through tape, wipe the blade before retracting it into the handle.

02. Spray REM oil (light gun oil) into the opening of the knife. Deploy and retract the blade several times to lubricate all of the internal components of the knife.

03. Lightly blow the knife out with compressed or canned air to remove any excess oil.

  • It is important to keep your knife lubricated, but too much lubrication can cause build up and and attract dirt, affecting the performance of your knife.



To prevent rust from building up on your blade, keep your knife well lubricated and free of any debris.

* If using the blade to slice food, wipe the blade clean before retracting the blade into the handle of the knife.